And Now, a Brief Dandelion Break

Whew! I am at home for one whole day before I set off to New York City to participate in New York Comic Con. It’s not a lot of time, but it’s enough time to see family, pet the cats and get a moment to decompress before heading out and doing it all again. Even a little time is better than no time at all, and trust me, it’s very good for my mental state. I enjoy doing events. Also, I am still fundamentally an introvert, so even a single day at home, mostly to myself, is restorative.

What I’m saying is, if you get a moment to give yourself a break, go ahead and take it. You’ll feel better that you did.

Also: NYC, see you at New York Comic Con very very soon!

— JS

5 Comments on “And Now, a Brief Dandelion Break”

  1. On a day like this I found myself crying just from watching this beautiful picture of a flower.
    Thank you for a moment of sanity, John.

  2. Even retired I find that giving myself some “me time” is very helpful. Than I’m ready to jump back in to all the nonsense that life throws at us every day.

    Enjoy your day at home.

  3. Having grown up a tried and true Bloom County fan, I approve of any and all dandelion breaks.

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