Hello From New York Comic Con

As you can see, it’s a totally normal place with totally normal stuff around.

Today for me was a panel and a signing, both of which went well. I’m taking a break in my hotel room before I go off to do crimes, by which I mean probably get something to eat. CRIMINALLY.

It’s a weird but mostly delightful life.

— JS

10 Comments on “Hello From New York Comic Con”

  1. I was at your panel, you were very funny! I wanted to say hi and get books signed, but I was part of the panel right after yours. I’m rereading the Old Man’s War series right now because my 14-year-old daughter has gotten into military sci-fi and so I reread each book after she finishes them (she’s up to Zoe’s Tale). Just as good as I remembered! Looking forward to Starter Villain.

  2. I’m in the Netherlands on business, and on the bus from the an Amsterdam train station to my lodgings, I was seatmates with someone attending an Amsterdam Comic-con, which is also occurring this weekend. They hope to attend the NYC one someday.

    (We started conversing because they were dressed as a wizard, so obviously they were a kindred spirit…)

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