Daily Archives: October 17, 2023

Sunset, 10/17/23 + Annoying Facebook News

First: Look! A sunset! Isn’t that pretty? Let’s all bask in its orange cloudiliciousness for a moment. Second: Some dude snuck his way into my Facebook account and it was shut down after it became clear it was breached. I’m in the process of recovering the account, but honestly who knows how long that will […]

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The Big Idea: E. E. Williams

Who do authors write for? E.E. Williams has no uncertain opinions on this matter, and in this Big Idea for No More Tomorrows, invites you along for an exploration of this topic. E. E. WILLIAMS: WRITING FOR YOURSELF MEANS HAVING ONLY ONE READER. Write for yourself. That was the advice I kept getting from many […]

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