View From A Hotel Window, 10/19/23: Nashville

There are some quality parking lots in Nashville.

It’s also a lovely town, and in that red building that you can see here, there is the Gibson garage, which is a shop featuring lots and lots and lots of Gibson guitars. And was suitably impressed. I did not purchase any guitars. I can’t fit them into my carry-on.

How is your Thursday?

— JS

14 Comments on “View From A Hotel Window, 10/19/23: Nashville”

  1. “I did not purchase any guitars. I can’t fit them into my carry-on.”
    That’s what FedUPS is for, dude.

  2. If I had a Korean deli near me I’d never leave it. Nashville chicken is very good and the sides are incredible. When I visited, some ladies set up a table and were selling desserts and I had my first (and only) Chess pie. Insanely good.

  3. I’m so sorry that you couldn’t manage to get any guitars to bring home with you. Maybe another time. I hope that you at least get/got to look!

    Have a safe trip!

  4. Tell the TSA it is your emotional support guitar; being the empathetic souls they are I’m sure they’ll allow it.

  5. John! Not sure how long you’ll be in Nashville, but if you’re still there tomorrow and looking for some grub, Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is essential. The Lower Broadway location is about half a mile from where you’re at, and it’s some of the most fantastic chicken you’ll ever have. Highly recommended!

    (Also, contrary to the name, not all of it is spicy. However, I recommend avoiding the Shut the Cluck Up sauce at all costs—you will be put into a world of capsaicin-induced pain so outrageously agonizing that both your ancestors and descendants will feel it. Not one to cluck around with, as they say.)

  6. My cousin lives in Nashville and has mentioned the Gibson Garage. I’m jealous! Enjoy Music City.

  7. I visited the Garage back in August. I didn’t purchase one there, but I did build one the next day at Guitar Build Workshop not far from there. You should look that up and plan another trip to Nashville to make your own guitar. One day (a Saturday) to put your own finish colors and assemble a guitar or bass to take home late afternoon. Awesome experience. They have photos of what people make on Instagram.

  8. Today I didn’t buy a specific expensive toy(1) without discussing with Mrs E.

    (1) Anything not required to produce or assist in producing income is a toy. Now I’m retired, this includes ANY expensive purchase or investment (2).

    (2) I learnt very early on in in our relationship that “the only one of it’s kind in Australia” motorcycles were definitely toys.