A Sunday Composition: “Lake Monona”

Today is the last day of my tour, and I spent it in Madison, Wisconsin, closing out the Wisconsin Book Festival. I had an excellent time. When it was done, felt the need to introvert heavily in my hotel room, and also play a bit with the iPad version of Logic Pro, which I have not deeply delved into yet. In the course of fiddling with the software, and figuring out how it’s different from its counterpart on the Mac, I ended up making a nice little ambient piece, which, in honor of the city in which it was composed, and one of the bodies of water it resides by, I am calling “Lake Monona.” It’s made up of gentle repeating motifs of differing lengths, which called up in my wind the small waves you get on a lake as the wind goes past. I hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow I go home, and the tour will end. The tour has been lovely. I’m ready to be home for a while.

— JS

8 Comments on “A Sunday Composition: “Lake Monona””

  1. Oof, you must be peopled right out by this point! I can’t imagine being on the go and interacting with hundreds of people a day for over a month.

    But we do so appreciate your willingness to come and visit, and I have to say that absolutely none of the physical and mental exhaustion you must have been feeling was visible this afternoon. You are a very engaging and funny speaker, and you were equally engaging and funny (and patient) with all of us who lined up to get your autograph afterward.

    I wish you a safe journey home, plenty of sleep, laughter with those you love, and lots of cuddles from the family pets – thank you for visiting! And I hope you enjoyed the miniature pecan pie!

  2. Congratulations on concluding the tour. Before knowing this, I celebrated it by reading “Starter Villain” from cover to cover today. Nice way for me to relax and enjoy a fairly wet California day. Enjoy your upcoming home time, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing online and in print again soon.

  3. John, it was great seeing you again. You did a wonderful job closing out the Madison Book Festival and I look forward to the final project with Wil.

  4. “Lake Monona” very nice.
    Now I have to go find the rest of your music and listen and see if I like it as much as this :)

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