Hey, Noticing Weird Ads From Me on Facebook and Instagram?

It’s because I was hacked last week and the hackers set up this nonsense. I have my private account back and am working on getting my public page squared away — they’re locked out now but this stuff was programmed earlier — so in the meantime, one, don’t click any of those links, and two, feel free to report them as fraudulent. Thanks.

— JS

5 Comments on “Hey, Noticing Weird Ads From Me on Facebook and Instagram?”

  1. Unless they’re for a line of Scamperbeast-branded cat treats, I’m not buying…

  2. I did report one for a neck pillow device that provided you with stunning relief after nine years of pain.

    Facebook said they reviewed my complaint and determined that the ad was not fraudulent.

    Glad to hear you are aware of it. I wasn’t sure how I’d reach out in a way that wouldn’t seem suspect in its own right.

  3. Same as David – I reported one and it just said it would hide the ad for me. (Shrug) I tried!