New Music: “Bridge Over the Danube”

Apparently thinking on my recent book tour is giving me feelings, because I’ve made another musical composition, this one relating to my time in Budapest. At one point and I and my Hungarian publisher, with a little bit of time to kill, hiked over the Margit Bridge, just chatting about writing, publishing, the state of the world and other such things, as traffic zoomed by and the Danube flowed underneath us. This piece attempts to encompass the counterpoint between traffic and river, and the bustle of a modern city which nevertheless has stately bones. Beauty and chaos and a wide body of water, basically. Enjoy.

— JS

8 Comments on “New Music: “Bridge Over the Danube””

  1. The sculpture of the shoes on the Danube bank is very sobering (given everything going on in the world), hope you got to see it whilst you were in Budapest…

  2. Hi, This clip is awesome! Just one tiny little correction. This photo was taken from Margit (Margaret) bridge but it doesn’t matter.
    Welcome back next time át Budapest!

  3. Aha! The Margaret bridge is more interesting than the Arpad bridge, but kinda only just.

    Athena should go there and review the bridges. For science.