Dear October: What is This Crap

Yes, I know, last day of the month and all, and Halloween, but that is no reason to dress up like late November. Simply unacceptable. Stop this. Now.

No love,

— JS

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  1. I would gladly take any of your October to March days for any of our Oklahoma April to September days

    besides, from what I saw there isn’t going to be any accumulation, so where is the beef? We just had a cold snap without any snow, how’s that for pointless?

  2. Funny, I used to enjoy science fiction for out of the ordinary strangeness because, well the real world operated within “normal” parameters. But now? Not so much. The real world has become the upside down. Ugh.

    Our political climate reminds me of Heinlein’s future history with the “crazy years.” Then a certain orange dusted one running for the highest office makes me think of Asimov’s Foundation saga and the character of the Mule. The ultimate disrupter.

    Honestly, I’m just too old for this stuff. When I was a teen, I’d hunker down for civilization’s fall, but I don’t want it as an older guy. My main point of tension is figuring out Medicare. But now I wonder about the stability of our world (people and the climate.)

    In Star Trek, the new golden age came after the nuclear war… Oh vey. Do we need a bad fall for the good times to return? And for you to not have a snow flurry on Oct 31st?

  3. Halloween was cancellled where I used to live in Muskegon MI. 6” of snow. Never happened in the 14 yrs I was there.

  4. I think we need to start saying “This used to be late November, now it is not, we are so screwed.”

  5. About 12 years ago Connecticut was socked by a pre-Halloween snow storm. Lots of heavy wet snow, that piled up on trees that still had lots of leaves.

    It started snowing while I was at my niece’s wedding about 30 minutes away. We weren’t there long, and by the time we got home we were already hearing branches coming down.

    Power was out for about a week at our house.

  6. ::So, explain this Global Warming thing again? ;)::

    It’s all caused by Jewish Space Lasers that keep TRYING to hit Marjorie Taylor Greene, but from that distance she’s too wired on meth and her own idiocy to stay still long enough.

  7. A Blizzard…on Halloween? that is just disrepectful. I am Washington State, and it is in the 20s. no snow yet. Hold your turn, Winter!

  8. This is what it looked like a week ago Monday where I live. 10 cm worth, and it’s still here.

  9. I grew up in Chicago. We went out trick-or-treating in little flurries like that on occasion. Wearing a parka under the Halloween costumes was tricky, though.

  10. dude, you got it all wrong… ain’t no such thing as “Jewish Space Lasers” …but don’t ask me about “Yiddish Photon Torpedoes” so I don’t be needing to lie about such issues

    me? my first gut reaction to the vid clip… greasy-greyish flakes… not snow… oh shit Mount St Helen popped off again and Ohio is getting a shit-ton of volcanic ashes dumped upon ’em…

    huh… just about all that’s missing is a torrent of frogs to round out the year…

    { nervously looks out at New York City skyline }

  11. Meanwhile, a week ago, I’m looking at 80-degree temperatures at the end of October like “what?” Then, two days later, we got 6 inches of snow. Ahhh. Winter’s the best.

  12. John, you might want to check the connection to your webcam. Seems to be a bit of static there.

    Saturday here in NoVa I rode my bike from Reston to Purcelleville, got bbq at Monks and ice cream at Tipped Cow, and rode home. All while wearing shorts, short sleeved jersey, and sandals. Yesterday it was wool socks, long pants, long undershirt and a jacket, skullcap, and full gloves. Still got cold feet. We went from early September to mid-November in 3 days.

    We may get a hard freeze tonight, which will at least cut down on the number of mosquitos and other annoying critters in the air.

  13. We had snow showers yesterday as well, although thankfully it didn’t stick on paved areas – shoveling snow on Halloween is not my idea of fun. It was in the 20s yesterday while the trick-or-treaters were out and all the youngsters were all bundled up under their costumes.

  14. Hey, I’m getting that right now. Did you send it? Because that was just rude!

  15. Yay, Winter!

    Having spent 7 of the last 8 winters in the miserable winters of England, I’m looking forward to more of this (and as I type, I’m seeing the same weather outside my window in Nova Scotia).

  16. Here in Alabama, it was mid-80s on Sunday and mid-55s this afternoon. Having grown up with 4 actual, well-behaved, mid-Atlantic seasons, I was pleased this Halloween actually felt like it “should.” Lots of folks not so pleased.

  17. Yep, woke up to the same crap yesterday in Minnesota. Got an inch and, this morning, it was 25F. The roads are nicely coated with ice and no more sitting on the back porch enjoying the early evening without wearing arctic gear.

  18. Oh quitchawhining – we got first snow a couple of weeks ago on Vancouver Island. Yes, OK, we’re 500ft up the side of a 5000ft mountain.

  19. I got 2″ of “whatever” dumped on my lawn a couple days ago, and it hasn’t melted yet. Sounds like the weather moved on to you.

  20. In 1991, it started snowing on Halloween as the kids were tricks and treating. By the time it stopped snowing, we had over 2 feet of snow on everything.

    Fun if you didn’t have to go someplace before the streets got plowed (which took a while). Even my 4WD Subaru couldn’t get through, it would just float on top of the snow.

  21. Having just moved back to Ohio in August after 40 years in Northern Virginia, I thought this was very “on brand.”

  22. I keep replaying the clip because it makes me laugh. Sorry, I’m reminiscing about the first 40 years of my life, living in NE Ohio. Halloween weather was always erratic. But what the hey, whatever it did, it usually didn’t last very long. I also agree that wearing a winter coat under your Halloween costume is difficult.
    Thanks again for posting the clip!