Daily Archives: November 1, 2023

Look At My Amazing New Stickers!

I am lucky enough to have two very kind friends in California that send me the most amazing things, and this week they sent me some seriously awesome stickers and goodies that I simply must share with you! You might have seen my other post from earlier this year where one of them sent me […]

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Oh, Look, It’s November Now

And it’s looking rather more clement than October went out as. So far, anyway. We’ll see if it holds. In the meantime, please enjoy this visual slice of rural America. I don’t imagine the corn will be standing for much longer in any event, so enjoy it while you can. And welcome to the last […]

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The Big Idea: Greg van Eekhout

Is death truly the end? Not for the kids in The Ghost Job! Author Greg van Eekhout is bringing you a tale from beyond the grave(s) of his main characters who aren’t letting a little death stop them. Follow along in his Big Idea to see just how this “haunting” idea formed. GREG VAN EEKHOUT: The […]

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