Look At My Amazing New Stickers!

I am lucky enough to have two very kind friends in California that send me the most amazing things, and this week they sent me some seriously awesome stickers and goodies that I simply must share with you! You might have seen my other post from earlier this year where one of them sent me this fantastic spread of stationery.

First off, the packaging, as always, was adorable:

Several items from the package I was sent laid out on the table. In the top left corner is a big red cardboard truck that is full of Pocky. It's super cute. In the top right is a paper bag that is literally a cat! A grey and white cat with pointed ears! Also super cute. There's also a brown paper package containing stickers that have not yet been revealed, as well as a tiny paper suitcase filled with candy, a black and gold drawstring mesh bag that is full of Japanese candy, and a black and white polka dot paper bag filled with washi tapes, and a handwritten note in an envelope wrapped in a gold ribbon. It's a lot of stuff!

Do you see that giant Pocky truck?! That is so cool. Not to mention the kitty bag, and the tiny suitcase (it had candy in it). Totes adorbs.

One of them recently went on a trip to Japan and got these sticker sheets for me while there:

Six sticker sheets. One is food themed with various types of bears, one is little animals in Halloween costumes, one is cats and dogs and otters laying around being lazy chonks, one is dessert themed, one is office supply themed, and one is another sweet treats plus animals.

These are so cute that I’m torn between using them for letters for friends and just keeping them all to myself. I particularly love the one with the bears and the food. As if the sheets weren’t cool enough, she also sent Japanese candy:

Four different types of Japanese candy. The note with them reads

I certainly have been known to love Japanese candy.

Sweet treats aside, look at these derpy stickers:

Nine stickers of various plant/nature items, like mushrooms and flowers. All of them have a derpy face.

I happen to adore stickers with that exact facial expression. (I cut out the handwritten note from the photo so please excuse the white sliver on the right side.)

And check these bad boys out:

Thirty six absolutely amazing stickers. They're so whimsical and fantastical, despite being things like drinks, food, lightbulbs, hourglasses, bottles. They're all filled with moons and oceans and flowers and are just so colorful and pretty.

My goodness I love these so much. These are so whimsical and pretty, it’s hard to choose a favorite! I am partial to the moon and ocean lightbulb, as well as the moon in the bottle in the bottom right corner. But also the moon popsicle is so cool, too. I guess I just really like moons.

They also sent along some washi tapes, but it’s hard to get photos of those when the wrapping is still on. But trust me, they’re super cute.

Funny enough, one of these sticker buddies is also my favorite artist that I did a Small Business Saturday on a while back!

As you can see, my pals are super cool and generous, and I appreciate them so much. Thanks for looking at these new additions to my sticker collection!

Do you have a favorite sticker in particular? Or a sticker sheet you thought was extra cute? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!


6 Comments on “Look At My Amazing New Stickers!”

  1. There used to be an extremely cute Japanese stationery store near me, but it’s gone.
    And it looks like the nearest Daiso to Bradford OH is … not in Ohio.
    (They’re what was once a 100 yen store, with most items US$1.50, with all kinds of random cute Japanese stuff – stationery, dishes, probably-unlicensed Hello Kitty and similar merch. Lots of them in LA area next time you’re there.)

  2. I don’t do stickers anymore, but my favorite ones when I was a kid were light blue sheets with blue bunnies on them.

    As part of my trick-or-treat offerings this year, I gave away little sheets of ocean-themed stickers that I had left over from The Life I Will Never Get Back. It was kind of a wrench, but I have to try to let things go. The recipients were pleased.

  3. These are super cute! I used to get a subscription box from kawaiibox.com – it had stickers and stationery and candy and usually a small plush animal. I know you like subscription boxes so I thought I’d mention it. Thanks for the fun posts you do on food and baking and cute stuff!

  4. I too am extremely fond of crescent moons. When I developed the taste in the 1970s they were probably trendy. They’ve been in and out of fashion several times in the yea — er, decades since. But my love is constant.

  5. My sister and I visited a Japanese store in Philadelphia last summer, lots of lovely stuff; I bought some persimmon wood chopsticks. And I got a sticker at an outing recently, took forever to decide what to stick it to, but the decision was sound, once made. Enjoy!

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