Oh, Look, It’s November Now

And it’s looking rather more clement than October went out as. So far, anyway. We’ll see if it holds. In the meantime, please enjoy this visual slice of rural America. I don’t imagine the corn will be standing for much longer in any event, so enjoy it while you can. And welcome to the last sixth of the year. Should be interesting.

— JS

2 Comments on “Oh, Look, It’s November Now”

  1. The corn isn’t as high as an elephant’s eye. Can I sue the late Oscar Hammerstein? The last time I saw corn growing in Brooklyn was never, but then I don’t frequent Williamsburg, so who knows?

  2. The evidence does not support the first commenter’s corn-disparaging remark, but then you didn’t put an elephant in the photo for scale did you, so that’s on you. :)

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