Meanwhile, Krissy

It’s been a stretch since I’ve posted a picture of her here, which is, frankly, unlike me. Part of the reason is that I was away on book tour, but now I’ve been home for a whole two weeks, so I can only blame touring so much. Whatever the reason, it’s time to rectify this issue. Here she is. And, of course, she continues to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Which most of you knew. But it doesn’t hurt to say it again every once in a while.

— JS

10 Comments on “Meanwhile, Krissy”

  1. That is so very nice and sweet the way you show your love for Krissy. She must be happy as a clam.

    I proclaim you and Krissy to be a sweet couple. Which is a very nice thing.

  2. She is so beautiful! I did not take many pictures of my late wife, and I kick myself often for that failure. Keep it up!

  3. Not only is Krissy fabulously and naturally beautiful, I am completely convinced she is using magic on her hair. It’s glorious.

  4. yeah, nice to see a picture of an attractive woman but what’s so much better, a picture of a happy woman

    what I forgot about, till I saw that picture was an odd book I read during covid quarantine, “Once There Was a Way” by Bryce Zabel… an alt-history in which the Beatles stayed together…

    picture reminded me of a moment when my own life could have taken a differing road and I would not be up at oh-dark-thirty reading your blog and posting on for distraction from being restless and alone and debating opening another bottle of cheap-ass vodka

    stay together, stay warm, two of you