Quick Reminder: Vote Today!

It’s election day in the US, and if you are registered to vote, and have not already availed yourself of early voting, guess what? Today’s the day to do it!

All three Scalzis voted early because we believe in taking care of that business as early as possible, but if for some reason you had to wait until today, cool, just make sure that the polls don’t close without you having been in them.

Leave a comment in the thread after you’ve voted. It does my heart good to see people who read this site exercising their franchise. Thanks!

— JS

88 Comments on “Quick Reminder: Vote Today!”

  1. I voted by mail a while back, but I went to the polls anyway because there was a bake sale. Banana bread for me!

  2. No elections in our part of Maryland today, so I’m just here to cheer on everyone exercisizing their franchise. And if you want to thank this US Army vet for my service, vote!

  3. My husband and I filled out our ballots at home last night and he’s dropping them off at one of the ballot drop boxes this morning! Yay Colorado, where voting is accessible and you can vote at your kitchen table while you use your laptop to research all the issues and candidates. (And where we still waited till the last minute, sigh…)

  4. The only thing on my ballot today was a city council position, for which the incumbent was running unopposed. I voted anyway to make sure I kept my voting streak going strong.

    All the best to those with more critical elections happening today!

  5. Voted early a couple of weeks ago. Went in about half an hour before the poll closed and while there wasn’t a line, there were other people there. The early voting place is walking distance from home so it was easy.

    Vote “Yes” on Rule 34!

  6. Voted in PA 2 weeks ago and got an email that they had my ballot! Unlike the current mayor of Philadelphia who sent in his ballot incorrectly…

  7. We have local elections this year in our Minnesota town, and did our early voting last week. Dropped off our ballots in the handy drop box at City Hall.

  8. I voted in Kentucky on the way to work this morning. Hoping we reelect our awesome governor and also for the two issues on the ballots in Ohio.

  9. Forgot to vote early, so this was the first time at the polls on election day for several years. Nothing on my ballot but SPLOST and related county tax matters, still worth my vote though!

  10. Voted early in Washington…. where all elections are mail-in. Unless you procrastinate and then drive to the drop box

  11. I voted early because I thought I would be laid up this week and unable to do it. Turns out I’m not, but still glad I got it done.

  12. We voted early in Warren County, Ohio. At least we’re done with all the political ads. If we vote again, can we eliminate the Medicare plan ads? ;-)

  13. I am in Michigan and I am able to vote by mail for no reason.
    Got my ballot last month but only dropped it off at the drop box on Sunday.
    Not much on my ballot but the most important was the library board. Made sure that who I voted for was against banning books.
    Go vote.

  14. Nothing to vote on in my county. I actually went to the started and county elections websites just to make sure, because this may be the first time in my life (3 decades of voting) that there was nothing to vote on in November.

  15. I voted in Kentucky earlier this morning and hope our current governor can succeed over the right wing tool nominated by the other party.

  16. I voted this morning in Franklin County, Ohio. Critically important issue on the ballot in our state, hoping for the best.

  17. Voted last week! My poor son though – he just sent me a list of his county positions that are on the ballot – not a single democrat listed. 👎🏻

  18. Voted this morning in suburban Cleveland Ohio. There was a 4 person line when I got there at 6:35. Looks to be a busy day.

  19. Voted early a couple of weeks ago (we were selling at a convention this past weekend and did not want to risk a breakdown on our business vehicle that might leave us not getting home in time to vote). Only two local races, but there as actually a substantial line. I’m thinking the mayoral race here in Indianapolis is more contentious than we’d realized.

  20. Voted early in Texas a couple of weeks ago. This ballot was a bunch of different propositions some of which are pretty sketchy so glad my voice was heard at least.

  21. Wrenn and I voted absentee last week, as we’re on vacation this week. It wasn’t all that difficult a task, as we’re in New York City, and it was two no-brainer propositions, six Democrats running unopposed, and one Democrat running against a batshit Republican who stands about as much chance of winning in NYC as I do of flying to the moon under my own power.

  22. Voted early in NY on Sunday: much more convenient than my assigned day-of polling spot.

    The delightful polling volunteer whispered that “we won’t sing the new voter cheer for you unless you want us to,” recognising that I’m rather older than the usual first-time* voter. But as a newly-enfranchised USian, I was delighted to have the event celebrated :).

    [*Strictly speaking, my first vote was for school board back in May, where I got to vote for… myself. Which was also pretty cool.]

  23. Voted early by mail here in VA. Desperately hoping our state legislature doesn’t get ruined so we can survive governor wannabe Trump relatively unscathed.

  24. Voted last week in WA state’s vote-by-mail election, which I find a wonderful way to vote here in the second least corrupt state in the Union. I think the main election that is going to affect me is the Seattle City Council. I believe there will be a complete turnover of the Council — I may be wrong. But Seattleites want to see some solutions to homelessness besides letting more folk set up tents all over town, plus the graffiti in this city is completely out of hand. Bringing our city downtown back from the dead is also a high priority. We’ll see what happens!

  25. My husband and I voted early in Ohio – Yes on issues one and two! Voted against the crazy school board candidate who thinks critical race is being taught in elementary schools 🙄

  26. Voted today in NC. Charlotte has a HUGE school construction bond on the ballot today that I voted in favor of. Good luck with the big Ohio Issue 1 vote!

  27. My wife and I voted early. After years of apathy, I realized in 2015 that the my participation is necessary and have voted rigorously since.

  28. My county elections run concurrently with state elections every two years and I am not in any municipal areas to vote. Sadly my county seat isn’t having an election because every single candidate was unopposed.

  29. Did early voting last week. There’s this one dude who’s running for mayor, who keeps sending me texts about how he’s an “outsider”. I find that You-Know-Who has soured me on the concept of electing outsiders.

  30. No voting in my county or state this time around, but have various sites bookmarked so I can evaluate the candidates and issues next year.
    Thank you everyone who voted against nutty candidates who want to make libraries by permission only (theirs.)

  31. I’m an Ohio voter and was happy to vote YES on Issue one this morning! (plus school board and city council, among others). I like voting early in the day on Election Day so I can wear my Ohio Voted sticker all day long and support the PTA bake sale. Thank you for all your messaging about voting, it’s so important. May women’s rights prevail in the Buckeye State.

  32. Voted October 24.

    Texas has 14 constitutional amendments plus I had two county bond issues, a school district bond and city council.

  33. I voted! In person! Mainly because I didn’t get the “request to request an absentee ballot” mail until a week ago.

  34. Voted via absentee ballot a couple of weeks ago. Being in Idaho, I’m really just registering my displeasure. This state would vote in unrecognizable corpses of any fauna, possibly flora, if it had an ‘R’ next to its name, or in the case of “non-partisan” positions, whoever “hints” that they’re not a rhino.

  35. I was out at my polling place here in Virginia at 7:00 AM.

    Mail in ballots are certainly more convenient, but I love the smell of democracy in the morning.

  36. Louisiana, being weird, has its general election a week from Saturday, November 18, with early voting going on now until Saturday (but on Friday because of Veteran’s Day). Though the race for Governor was decided during the “primary” (a jungle primary in which if someone gets over 50% then they get elected, but if nobody does then the top two vote getters go on to the run-off during the general election), we still have Secretary of State and Attorney General races (and a few other state-wide and local races) and 4 constitutional amendments, including one to make it harder for the state to spend the money it has for emergencies (which, combined with the balance budget requirement, means that if there is a shortfall and they can’t spend the money to stabilize the budget, then they have to cut education and health services…)

    So vote on that one if you are eligible, either early (like I did) or on election day.

  37. We early voted, although we live in Dallas, where our votes are generally only minor irritants. Keep the hope alive!

  38. Voted in person this morning in the Boston area for mayor, city council, and school committee. Yay voting!

  39. Just voted in the Detroit area in person. Nothing too exciting on the ballot and I was only the 83rd person through, but my heart still jumps when I’m done!

  40. I voted last month. VA has permanent absentee ballot status, so I automatically get every ballot mailed to me well in advance.

  41. Well, I went, and got the sticker.

    I didn’t vote, however, because there were no choices on the ballot this year for me. My son got a sticker that said “Future Voter,” and I was warned that the districts and precincts and such were all going to change next year, so the trip did me some good.

  42. Voted Saturday! In Lexington, KY. Rooting for Beshear, here and yes of the OH issues.

  43. I voted by dropbox a couple days ago! Just City Council candidates, but it was nice to see more candidates than open positions. Also: thank you for your service, @John Appel, and thank you everyone who voted to preserve the freedom to read, the freedom to learn, and the freedom of women to actually, you know, protect their own health.

  44. I live next door in Indiana which is full of idiots like the citizens of Ohio. In my city however (Bloomington, liberal home of Indiana University) there was only one Republican on the ballot. Educated people vote smart, rural morons vote against their own best interest. I know it doesn’t help calling these idiots names, but what else you got? There should be civics tests voters need to take in order to participate in our elections. You have to study a bit to obtain a drivers license, yet you can vote for the worst choice and s#$t out as many kids as you can. Ain’t right.

  45. Voted last week (library budget and board) and today. Why they aren’t on the same day is one of the great mystery’s of the world.

    Good news, the budget passed and the “Loud Majority” candidates lost “bigly.”

    I’m still dismayed about today’s election, as usual the judge’s elections are predetermined- three candidates for three spots, all on every party line. Perhaps that’s to show the inherent bi-partisan nature of a judgeship… but I’m doubtful.

  46. I voted! Local races only for me (mayor, alder, etc.) and a city charter revision. All but the last are something of a formality in my blue-blue-very-blue ward in my blue-blue-very-blue city, where the results were pretty much determined in the Democratic primary in August (in which I also voted!) But I did my duty tonight regardless!

  47. No election in CA today.

    In news, Beshear wins KY governor. Democrats will control VA Senate.

  48. Another interesting race is Mississippi governor. The Republican, Tate Reeves, is deeply unpopular and tainted by scandal. His Democratic opponent is a cousin of Elvis Presley.

  49. I voted for a school-funding increase, since my state’s AG can’t write a ballot measure unbiased enough for my state’s (already quite biased) judges to allow on the ballot. I shudder to think how he must be referring to those seeking reproductive care if he can’t make it over that low bar.

  50. I voted in Gahanna (Ohio) today in the middle of the afternoon. My precinct was more crowded than I anticipated.

    Lo and behold, both Issues 1 & 2 passed, easily. Everything is right with the world (at least today.

  51. I voted about 1 pm! And right now at about 10:40 pm, it looks like both issues 1 and 2 will be passed.

  52. We voted! Took younger child before school to avoid conflict with after school activities. Picked older child up after work. I went along to facilitate changing precincts. At the end of the long day, three red stickers!

  53. I voted in rural Portage County, Ohio today. I just got up with the dogs at 4:50 (potty emergency) to find that Issue 1 passed! Yay!

  54. My family and I early voted here in Indianapolis a couple weekends ago, so technically I am posting after I voted.

    The only races on our ballot was City Council and Mayor, but we helped the incumbent Democrat Joe Hogsett turn back a Republican challenger.

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