FYI, I’m Writing a Film Column For Uncanny Magazine

Why? Because they asked me if I would like to, and also, I was a professional film critic and columnist for many years, as some of you know, for various newspapers and magazine and online sites and whatnot. Plus I wrote a couple of books on film back in the day, so there’s that. So it’s nice to get back on that particular bicycle.

My inaugural column is now up on Uncanny’s web site, and is called “Speed Racer’s Long Road”; it’s how the Wachowski’s 2008 gloss on the famous animated series went from being a box office disappointment to a cult hit and a master class on digital storytelling. If this sounds intriguing to you, check it out here. And while you’re over there, check out what else is up on the site. Should keep you busy for a bit.

— JS

14 Comments on “FYI, I’m Writing a Film Column For Uncanny Magazine”

  1. Love the bio at the end, going into great detail about your critic background, and then, almost as an aside, saying how you’ve written the occasional novel. Nicely done!

  2. I appreciate that I’m a dinosaur at 70, and I don’t want to inflate your sense of self-worth, but you’re literally the only person I’ve heard of on that cover…

  3. Thanks for the pointer to your new column. It’ll be a fun read later this week. Have fun enjoying this return to your roots.

  4. Nicely done, Scalzi! I am one of the few who was able to immerse themselves into the world of Speed Racer and adore it on the big screen. For the most part, one those lights go down, I’m able to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy a film. I loved the silly banter, the over the top colors, the racing that I could see the flaws in the CGI. It didn’t bother me. I loved it. Speed Racer was my second favorite anime behind Battle of the Planets.

  5. Interesting essay. At the time, I regretted that a live-action “Speed Racer” didn’t look more the early-to-mid Sixties (more dust and oil leaks), that is, the golden age of sports-car racing that informed the manga and anime. “Ford versus Ferrari” took care of that itch for me!

  6. Oh man! I missed Speed Racer in theaters and so rented it a year or so after it came out (this was about 2009-2010, when I would go to Blockbuster and pick up 3-4 movies that looked “entertainingly bad” to watch over the course of a weekend). I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it (not “entertainingly bad,” but “actually very fun and enjoyable”), and was boggled that it had done so poorly in theaters. I’m glad to see it getting some love!

  7. I saw Speed Racer in the theater and loved it! Bought it on DVD as soon as it was available and watch it now and again. Quite looking forward to your column as I’ve been a supporter of Uncanny since its first Kickstarter.