I Have An Earworm And I’m Bestowing It Upon You

Last year, the band Bad Omens came out with an album called The Death of Peace of Mind, and I didn’t discover it until recently. Ever since I found it, I’ve been pretty hooked on them. I thought no song could top the one that the album is named for, “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND”, but it turns out there’s a song on the album I like even more than that one. It’s called “Like A Villain”, and I’ve been playing it pretty much on repeat the past few weeks.

Here it is, for your listening enjoyment:

Honestly, it’s really the chorus and the super sick drums that do it for me. It’s just such a bop but in a metal type of way.

I hope you enjoy it, and I also recommend checking out “Just Pretend,” “Nowhere To Go,” and of course, “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND”.

Let me know your thoughts on this song, or the other ones I recommended. Or have you listened to their previous two albums? Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!


8 Comments on “I Have An Earworm And I’m Bestowing It Upon You”

  1. I have had an earworm since Nov 1st when one of my friends texted me to tell me she was listening to the Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams and did I know that.

    It has not stopped being on repeat loop in my head since then. Even though I think I hadn’t listened to it in over 20 years, literally.

  2. I need to buy Bad Omens’ album – the Blitz plays them some in Columbus and I like hearing them. It hasn’t earwormed on me, though.

  3. Ooh, I thought that band name sounded familiar. I recently found and loved their song The Grey, which is apparently off this same album. This one’s cool too, so clearly I need to do a deep dive on them. Thanks for the rec!

  4. Cool! I liked the song, and your description was very apt. In return, I slightly modified your title and turned it into a song lyric. No music yet, but by coincidence – I started writing the lyric before listening to the song – it’s about the same tempo as “Like a Villain”. This is what I’ve got so far:

    I have an earworm, I’m bestowing it upon you
    You won’t stop vocalizing even if you want to
    A few more repetitions turns your brain to fondue
    You’ll never know just where your sanity has gone to

    Thanks for the song link and the inspiration!

  5. As I listened I was reminded of a group named Within Temptation. You should check them out also.

  6. As a 54 year old man who is no longer in touch with things like phonk, I heartily accept any and all of your totally rad musical recommendations.

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