Walk? Walk!

Someone is excited about the possibility of a long walk at the local nature preserve! Can you guess who it is? The answer may surprise you!

— JS

12 Comments on “Walk? Walk!”

  1. My guess it would be you, John !
    What could be better for you than a long walk with the woman you love and an awesome dog there to protect you from killer squirrels.

    So did I guess right?

  2. I’d guess it’s Athena.

    A textbook case of the wanderlust phase that hits young people in their sturm und drang phase.

    She’s not in the picture because she gets her functional outdoor wear ready.

  3. I’m very familiar with that dog expression. We have two standard poodles and a blue tick hound, about 150 lbs of trouble. And the excitement when my wife gets dressed at a non-work time is quite palpable.

    Unfortunately, my wife being an astronomer, she likes to walk in the middle of the night and my night vision is crap so I usually don’t join them as I pretty much have to constantly use a flashlight.

  4. Something something dogs are what prepare you for children, cats are what prepare you for teenagers?