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Whatever News: The Return of Athena

A housekeeping note that makes me pretty happy: Athena is coming returning to the regular rotation here at Whatever, for the summer at least. You can expect more of her particular brand of writing, with reviews of products and entertainment, personal essays and various other things she’s thinking about and wants to share. You know, […]

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A Weekend Jam

Hello, my lovely readers! It’s Friday, and I wish to bestow upon you a song that you can spend all weekend jamming out to. I know I certainly have it on repeat, at least. Here’s Conan Gray’s new single, “Never Ending Song”: Don’t worry, it’s not actually a never ending song, in fact it’s only […]

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A Review Of “Oppenheimer”

As someone who doesn’t know much about science, had never heard the name Oppenheimer before, and has nightmares about nukes frequently, Oppenheimer might not really seem like a movie I would watch. Honestly, I’m not sure I would’ve watched it if it wasn’t for the whole “Barbenheimer” event, and the fact that it’s a Christopher Nolan […]

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I Bought Ten Flavors Of Pretzels, Now I’m Gonna Rank Them

You read that right, folks, I’ve got ten different flavors of pretzels and I’m here to put these bad boys in order. First things first, let’s talk about the brand of these pretzels. I got them from Yep, just good ol’ I started getting ads on Instagram for several months ago, but […]

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A “Spot”light On Comedic Villains

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has been out for a hot minute now, and with it has come a million and one reviews of the film. Originally, I was going to add to this onslaught of reviews, but I don’t think y’all need another person telling you how amazing it is. Though, admittedly, it is amazing, and there […]

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