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A Comment On Anxiety

Back in the summer 2018, I wrote for the blog like I do now. For my last post of the summer, I mentioned that I felt bad I never responded to anyone’s comments the entire time. I proceeded to say that if I could do it over, I would’ve responded more. Yet, it’s been almost […]

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A Quick Note on the Malleting of Comments

Folks: I’ve recently begun to see an upswing in comments which begin with some variation of “I expect this comment to be deleted/malleted/otherwise expunged, but…” I think this is done for two reasons. About five percent of the time it’s someone genuinely not knowing whether what they’re about to write is going to cross the […]

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Small Administrative Note Regarding Comments

Which is: The spam filter has been unusually aggressive in the last month and is capturing a larger-than-expected number of actual comments from real humans. So if your comment doesn’t post immediately, don’t panic: I will (probably) find it in the spam queue and release it at some point. Now, back to your scheduled Saturday […]

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Technical Note on the Site’s Mobile Theme

Which is that for some people there’s a UI bug that puts the “Exit Mobile Version” banner over the “Post” button when you want to leave a comment. I verified it being an issue on Android; I haven’t checked it elsewhere. I’m looking into it to see if I can fix it. In the meantime, […]

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Housekeeping 1/20/21

Small note here that thanks to the lovely people at WordPress, there are a couple minor improvements that have been implemented here today. The first is that now each post has a byline up top, so that you’ll know who is writing a piece even without our pictures and our initials at the end. I […]

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Spam Filtering Note

In the last couple of days I’ve been getting emails from folks asking if I’m moderating people more than usual and/or have revoked people’s posting status. The answer: Nope — but it does appear the site’s spam filter is being unusually aggressive recently, and comments have been getting kicked into the spam folder. That being […]

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