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Five Things, 1/25/21

I’m back on my novel-writing thing now, but for you — just for you! — I took a quick look at the news and world to see if I had thoughts on any of it. Here’s what I’ve got for today: Rob Portman retiring from Senate: He’s Ohio’s Republican senator, and he says he’s retiring […]

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Reader Request Week 2021 #2: Book Numbers

Michael Doherty has a question about publisher practices around book sale numbers. Specifically: I’ve never understood why publishers appear to be so cagey about the numbers of books they sell. Have your publishers ever asked that you not reveal how many copies your books have sold? No, and honestly I would be surprised if they […]

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Disclosure Statement

Because I think it will be interesting to do so, and because I think this sort of transparency might even be useful: Here’s a disclosure statement of past and current business relationships that I have, that I can publicly announce at this moment (there may be business relations I cannot yet disclose for contractual reasons; […]

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A Brief Biography of John Scalzi

Hi, there. I’m John Scalzi. I used to have a longer biography entry up, but I find as I go along I’m less inclined to string things along for the purposes of self-aggrandizement. So here’s the shorter, bullet-pointed version. Everything’s current and accurate as of 1/24/2023. Born: May 10, 1969 Lived in: LA’s Eastern San […]

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