Contact Information

Here’s how you can reach me:

E-mail: (this is, hands down, the best way to contact me.)

Twitter: Scalzi

Facebook: John Scalzi (NOTE: I’m currently unable to edit this page and thus am not on it very much)

Mail: If you are a publicist/creator who wants to send me something, guidelines are here.

And now the caveats!

E-mail: I get dozens of legitimate e-mails — that is, e-mails from real live humans — each day. I read them all. Because responding takes time, I don’t answer some I feel don’t need a response, and many of the others I will answer very briefly. I hope you understand this isn’t me being a jerk, it’s me trying not to have e-mail take up hours and hours of my day.

Likewise, sometimes e-mails will slip through the cracks and/or get eaten by my spam filters and/or just get accidentally deleted because I’m a moron. This includes e-mails from people who are really hoping for a response.

If you are really hoping for a response and I haven’t responded to your e-mail and it has been a week or more since you sent your original e-mail, please feel free to send another.

(Caveat: If you are contacting me to tell me about this great story idea you have, or to ask me to collaborate with you, I have already deleted your email and put you into Spam filter purgatory. Here is why. In your case, sending another email will be futile. And if you are reading this before sending that first email, you can go ahead and not send it, thanks.)

In all cases, please remember that I am not your e-mail monkey. Thank you.

Twitter/Facebook: Feel free to tweet in my direction but be aware that with 180,000+ followers I don’t see or respond to every tweet directed to me. My public Facebook account has messaging turned off because I never read those anyway and I don’t want to instill false hope. I have a private Facebook account which is not difficult to find but I don’t typically read those messages either. Honestly, if there’s something serious to you need to reach me for, e-mail is the best way to go.

Other social networks: I almost never read private messages on other social networks. Sending me mail there is the equivalent of throwing your message down a hole.

Other forms of communication: If you’re determined you can probably find other ways to contact me; I’m not in hiding, after all. However, most other forms of contact run the risk of interrupting me while I’m working or having a life or otherwise not wanting to be intruded upon. And then I get grumpy and mean. You wouldn’t actually want to contact me when I’m in that state. Trust me on this. So please stick to e-mail and maybe Twitter. Thanks.

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