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A Personal History of Music, Day 9: “Big Bright World” by Garbage

Some bands and musicians you have to grow into, and/or have deep introspective thoughts about, and some you get right from the word “go,” no additional thinking required. For me Garbage is in the second category. I first heard them with the single “Queer,” and two things were immediately clear: The band had perfected a […]

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A Personal History of Music, Day 5: “Love Is a Stranger” by the Eurythmics

Over on Reddit, there’s an interest group (or “subreddit”) called “Im14AndThisIsDeep,” where the gist of the subreddit is to show a bunch of images/statements/gifs/etc that seem deeply profound if you are young and inexperienced, and, uhhhh, less so if you have any knowledge of the world under your proverbial belt. The group is not very […]

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A Personal History of Music, Day 4: “Kiteflyer’s Hill” by Eddi Reader

The thing about Eddi Reader is that there are just too many songs to choose from to represent her excellence: Nearly all the songs from Fairground Attraction, the neo-skiffle band she emerged from with a bang (including the just-about-perfect pop song called, appropriately, “Perfect”), and a whole spread of singles from her solo work. But […]

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