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Tribble’s Tribbles

This is Conrad Tribble, the US Consul General in Munich, and yes, those are tribbles that he is holding and/or wearing, proving that he has a good sense of humor about his name. Consul General Tribble and his wife Christina were gracious enough to hold a brunch today in my honor, which was attended by […]

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SFContario Appearance Schedule for This Weekend

Starting Thursday I will be in Toronto — one of North America’s very finest cities! — as the International Guest of Honor for SFContario 2, joining the estimable Karl Schroeder, Gardner Dozois and musical guests Toyboat, who are also guests of honor. If you are going, or were thinking of going but were wondering what […]

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“Questions for a Soldier” in Subterranean Magazine #8

For a number of years now, the only way you could get “Questions for a Soldier,” the first short story I wrote set in the Old Man’s War universe — and which features John Perry making an early appearance on the colony of Huckleberry — was to get the increasingly rare chapbook version, which is […]

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Station Identification: Whatever

Introduction You are now visiting “Whatever.” It is a site written by John Scalzi with occasional contributions from Athena Scalzi. It has been in existence since 1998. It is as a consequence one of the longest-running personal sites on the Web. It is generally updated daily. It is about whatever the two of them feel […]

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The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Five: Competent People

There are lots of different ways you can tell you’ve officially become a grown up. One of them for me was recognizing that not only didn’t I have the bandwidth, either time- or intelligence-wise, to do every single thing out there in the world, I didn’t have the desire, either. This was actually a thing […]

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Books and Other Projects by John Scalzi

You may have heard: I write books. Here’s what I’ve published. The Old Man’s War Novels This series of books is what I’m currently best known for. Old Man’s War (2005) The Ghost Brigades (2006) The Last Colony (2007) Zoe’s Tale (2008) The Human Division (2013) The End of All Things (2015) Old Man’s War, […]

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